Introduction plays a very crucial role in overall band score of writing task 2 in IELTS exam. Writing an introduction is as parallel to introducing yourself in a job interview. However, there is a key to writing a good introduction. If you follow this key, you will definitely find it easy to write a par excellent introduction in your essay.

Here is the key:

An introduction mainly consists of 4 sentences, here is how it should be broken sentence by sentence to form a paragraph for introduction section of IELTS writing task.

1. The first sentence should be a general statement, which should give a glimpse of what is happening from the past depending upon the topic question. For instance, The topic question is “Newspapers are being used from long as a source of information between masses, Do you agree or disagree that newspapers have played a major role in providing key information and news to our societies“, here the topic question is asking about the role of newspaper in our societies. Therefore, the general statement can be like “There is no skepticism in admitting the unremitting contribution of newspapers in providing information between masses.“. Here, this is a general statement stating how and from how long newspapers have been delivering information. This gives a direction to an essay by adding details about the background information of the topic.

2. The second sentence should be focused on reciprocating your view on the topic question in your own language. Whether you agree or disagree with the topic question, you should mention, what you are going to write in your upcoming paragraphs. But, here is the tricky part, you need to focus on the vocabulary, synonyms and choice of your words. If you use good vocabulary and precise sentences, you will definitely hit the target on the spot. Again, for the topic question the second sentence can be “Newspapers have had been a major source of knowledge and happenings in the world and it is agreed that they remain a major source of information among masses.

3. The third sentence should focus on the points which are going to be elaborated in your upcoming paragraphs of IELTS Task 2. If you give a glimpse of your main topic which you are going to write in your upcoming paragraphs, you will definitely get an idea of what you are going to write in your paragraph 1 and paragraph 2. This way, you will not get off the topic and will the focus of the writing will remain on the topic only. This will also give an idea to examiner of what you are going to elaborate in your upcoming paragraphs.

4. The fourth sentence should impeccably concentrate on the general idea. You must state your opinion of agree or disagree. If the topic asks for advantages and disadvantages then you must state what your opinion is regarding the topic question. If you agree that there are many advantages, you may state that the advantages outweigh disadvantages, strongly agree due to the reasons mentioned in the third sentence. Similarly, for disagree and disadvantage vice versa. For instance “This essay will elaborate on the contribution of newspapers in our society and the reasons for it to be the leading source of information in our societies”. In this sentence, it is in addition to the nod that we agree the role and contribution of newspapers. Thus, we have to smartly answer the yes or no indirectly and precisely. This will give a clear picture to the examiner of what exactly will be in the main area of the paragraphs.

Thus, to conclude we must adhere to the topic domain and should use our words wisely in introduction part. We must state our opinion in the introduction part, so that we are clear what we are going to explain in upcoming body paragraphs. Writing a general statement will give examiner an idea that the candidate has understood the question and is able to answer it in the essay. The introduction part is used to introduce the essay and what is going to come in the essay. Writing meticulously, is one of the most important part of essay writing and it must be done carefully.


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