There are divergent essay topics that can be asked in IELTS writing task 2 and it requires the candidate to discuss and elaborate writing skills in an essay. This article will discuss strategies, which you can use to write such essays, how you can take benefit of time and make sure that you get a good band score. Remember, a mundane essay will give you average band score. Therefore, to make sure that you get good band score in IELTS writing task 2, you need to remember certain things before attempting your essay. These points will be elaborated in the forthcoming points.

What strategies can you use?

One strategy that can help everyone is to focus continuously with worrying about the result. Most of the times, candidates perform under pressure in the exam. This actually let the candidate underperform in the task and hence lose band score which he or she can score easily without coming under pressure of the exam. The key here is to remain calm and not let your mind focus on anything else except your essay. The second strategy is to prepare a plan for your essay, this includes jotting down key points and facts related to the topic sentence. Do not think about easy points, try to think extraordinary points invariably, so that you can get high band score. The more you think, the more content you will be able to write in your essay. The next thing is to create a set of vocabulary you will use in your essay. One good trick is to remember at least 50 common words used in IELTS essays and use them as per your choice in your exam. This way you do not have to think about vocabulary, but synonyms have to be instilled before attempting your exam. Once this is done, you can go ahead to plan for your introduction, paragraphs, and conclusion. This may sound
little difficult that in 5-7 minutes you have to think and take action on all these points, but it is true that it takes practice to master the art of writing an essay.

How to take benefit of time?

The benefit of time reciprocates utilization of time in an appropriate manner. If you write appropriately and wisely before thinking about what you are writing, there are strong chances that you will be able to score good bands in your essay. However, time is key in writing, if you are ahead of time you will certainly lose the pressure on your head. This will relieve you from the stress and you will be able to focus more and make your essay an astonishing one. Now the question arises, how to get ahead of time? The answer lies in the fact that you need focus on your time management when you practice writing an IELTS essay at home. This practice will make you proficient in managing time and building strategies to write your essay. Focus on how much time do you take on writing each section, try to reduce the time and increase the quality of your essay by thinking quickly and appropriately. Only practice will make you perfect, so practice hard on your time management to achieve your dream IELTS score.

How to make sure that you get a good band score?

Many of the candidates ask why we get only 6.5 and not 7+ band score. The reason is that every time you write you do not write as per the requirement of IELTS. You write like you are writing from past many years, but to get a good score you need to think what IELTS requires. It requires you to write an academic essay not an essay in easy words which a common person can write. So think about academic writing, not a common writing. The second factor is your spelling mistakes, if you make 2-3 spelling mistakes it is fine, but if more than there are very fewer chances that you will get a score of 7. The third factor is the usage of grammar in your essay if you write 60% your sentences accurately without any grammatical mistake, there are high chances that you will get the good score. Another factor is the quality of content, if your essay answers all that is required to be answered, you will in addition to the other points be in a situation to get a good IELTS score.

Remain focused and be calm in every situation

Many times we forget things when we sit in an exam. It almost happens with everyone, but the question is how to come of out from such situations. The reason for forgetting things like vocabulary and words are due to the onus of clearing your exam with good band score. However, there is a good way to tackle it by relaxing yourself in every situation. Even if you forget something do not build pressure on your mind and after some time you will be in a situation to immediately recall what you had forgotten. Remain focused every time while writing your essay, the key here is to free and relax your mind to do its work. The human mind is really powerful and we should not oppress it with the mentality of building pressure under these circumstances. So keep yourself relaxed and you will be able to come out in a happy mood as you would have done your best initiated by a relaxed mind.

Hope this article will catapult your confidence in handling these type of essays. Please give your honest opinion and feedback on this article.

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