When I was preparing for IELTS, I always wondered what is the key for getting 7+ bands. IELTS exam is not easy especially for non native candidates. It is believed, if someone is able to speak and write, then easy to score good bands. However, it is not true in most of the cases. IELTS demands academic writing not official writing. Until the candidate does not understand this difference, it will be cumbersome for the candidate to score good bands. I was furious when I was not able to score 7+ bands in writing, I achieved more than this score, when I started focusing on the following points.

Spellings : Spellings are the most crucial part, they play an important role in your band score. If your writing has more than 3-4 spelling mistakes, then it is cumbersome to get 7+ bands. Keep checking your spellings, one very simple and easy way is to check each word and match it in the English dictionary. It is good practice to note down your mistakes and practice on them regularly. Spellings are an important aspect and the IELTS score depends on your spellings. For instance, in all modules, if your spelling is incorrect you will lose marks and it will ultimately affect your overall band score.

Grammar : Grammar plays a very important role in getting 7+ bands. If your grammar is not good, then chances are really less to get this magical score. The only way you can improve is by doing grammar exercises and especially focus on the prepositions, adjectives and their usage. Most of the people believe that they are aware of grammar. However, IELTS demands good command on grammar and only exceptional skills get a good band score.

Vocabulary : Vocabulary shortens the sentences if used correctly and precisely. There are many words which you can find related to the topics and make a note of them. Learning alone will not solve your problem, try to use them in daily routine. Make a habit of noting down good words and try to create sentence using these words. It is important to remember vocabulary otherwise your sentence formed will be lengthy and mismanaged due to increased word length and elaboration.

Linking : Linking paragraphs is a major and important task. Try to use words like In Addition, However, Firstly, Secondly and Finally, and Nevertheless. These words connects sentences and paragraphs together. It is really very important to link your sentences and paragraphs using linking words. If the rhythm is not maintained the writing seems mismanaged and difficult to understand. Therefore, it is really important to use linking words correctly and precisely.

Keywords in Introduction section : Your introduction must contain keywords (words related to topics, synonyms in past participle and present continuous). Introduction plays a very important role, as there is a saying that “First impression is the last impression”, please make sure you write your introduction impeccably with these keywords and make sure that it gives a clear picture of what you are going to elaborate in your coming paragraph related to the topic question.

Briefing in Conclusion section : Conclusion if written correctly, gives an impact of a commanding author. If your conclusion is correctly written, stating the conclusion of the essay and topic, it will definitely be a plus point.

To conclude, IELTS is not an easy exam. It takes 4-5 exams sometimes to achieve the desired band score. Even the professionals of diverse field, find it really difficult to score good bands. Thus, it should be taken seriously that it is not an easy task to score good in IELTS.

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  1. Great attempt sir..indeed informative and ll certailny help those aspiring to accomplish desired score

    1. Thank you Rupesh, we are committed to give you the best quality articles. Please visit our website regularly and subscribe to get yourself updated on the new articles.

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