The heading is correct, if you want to achieve a score of 9 bands, you must understand that every sentence you write must be of 9 bands. Sentences are the basic building blocks of an essay. Every sentence written in your essay must be exemplary for the essay readers. I will elaborate on some key parameters, that should help you to achieve your desired band score. Let us understand how to create a 9 band IELTS sentence.

To being with, while writing, an IELTS essay should be considered as our own body. The more we care, the more beautiful it becomes. Here are few points which you can implement to enhance the level of your essay sentences.

1. Plan your sentence

Most of the times we write our sentence as soon as it strikes into our mind. This cognitive thinking can be re-engineered by thinking and planning about the sentence in a minimum possible time. Do a small experiment, take any topic and write only a single sentence. The moment you finish it, you will find that it can be improved and enhanced to make it a better one. However, we are taught to check our essay, when we are finished with our essay writing. We check it after the essay isis completed. However, it is nearly impossible to change every written sentence. Although we try to rectify our mistakes, instead we tear apart the logical structure built on the paper. But, there is a solution to this problem, if we think carefully and analyze our sentence before writing it on a paper, we will be able to score 9 bands. Nothing comes easy, we have to think before acting and only practicing this engineering can save you. If you continuously improve your sentence making, one day you will be able to write a 9 band sentence.

2. Select your words wisely

If you think that daily routine words will get you, 9 bands, then you are absolutely wrong. IELTS writing demands academic writing and not a daily routine writing, which we are habitual of. Consider using words from “Academic Words List”, this is a special list which you can find easily on the internet. The academic word list is specifically created for academic writing and using these words will ensure a 9 band sentence creation. For example, instead of a word “course” use “syllabus”. There are many lists available on the internet, but English vocabulary exercises with academic word list will definitely enhance your selection of words.

3. Avoid spelling mistakes

What if you write a good essay and suddenly you find that the essay you wrote in your exam had spelling mistakes. Most of the times, it happens with IELTS candidates. It may be exam pressure, too much load on the mind and tiring 3 hours examination, which prevents us to think calmly and paves the way to spelling mistakes. However, it can be avoided if we continuously think about what we are writing. It is not easy, but if you want to score good, you have to keep calm and focused. Try to find your regular mistakes and correct them instantly by practicing on it. Secondly, write only those words which you are comfortable with, if you do not remember the spelling of a word, do not write it. Instead, write a synonym or equivalent word as it will certainly decrease your band score.

4. Use commas wisely and appropriately

It is quite obvious that what we practice is displayed to the world. When we do not practice we lose the game. Same is applied in case of IELTS, as we are in the era of modern gadgets which has taken all the burden of our cognitive skills to itself. This has poorly made us reliant on these modern machines. Due to this, we have forgotten the rules of the grammar and have forgotten the usage of commas in sentences. We intentionally or unintentionally skip the rules of sentences. If you do not put a comma in the desired position in the sentence, you will absolutely make a disaster with your sentence. Due to this, the meaning of your sentence can change instantly.

To conclude, writing is an art. It depends on you, how much creativity you can add to your writing. Everyone can write, but some can write astonishingly well, due to their commitment and desire to be a great writer. Use these above rules in your daily routine and you will find it easy to create your 9 band sentence. To further read more check my another article on this Link.

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