An effective conclusion demonstrates a well-planned strategy that greatly contributes to overall writing skill. However, most of the times, learners find it catastrophic, as they usually write it when there is a need to finish it before the given time. While the candidate has a clear picture of what is to be written in the essay, they make a lot of writing errors due to the time constraints. This article will demonstrate the strategies you can build to avoid such circumstances and make your conclusion super easy with exceptional grading.

So, how do we obviate mistakes and write up a conclusion that enlightens our writing capabilities in a conclusion of an essay?. The answer lies in a well-planned approach to consider all the aspects of your summary before writing down your essay. This approach includes the following

a. Points which are to be highlighted in your conclusion.
b. The supporting sentences which that complements your highlighted points.
c. Your view and opinion on the thesis statement.
d. A conclusion statement that ends well.

All these points are important to write a well structured and exceptional conclusion. Let us start by looking up to them one by one.

a. Points which are to be highlighted in your conclusion

Make a clear view of what is going to be written in your conclusion. If you are crystal clear about what you are going to explain in your conclusion, you will achieve what you desire. The sentences must be neat and clean and must stick to the conclusion with a realistic approach to summarise your opinion. When summarising remember that you have to demonstrate exceptional writing skills and not the modest one. Try to incorporate general reality with your opinion, which is taking place in the world and is linked to the thesis statement.

b. The supporting sentences which that complements your highlighted points

The supporting sentences mean that you have to support your opinion. Remember, always think yourself as a prosecutor who relentlessly trying to prove the point and win the case, here, in this case, the conclusion. If you fight with passion, you will succeed and capitalize on it. Thus make yourself provable with exemplary points that let you achieve your dream IELTS score.

c. Your view and opinion

Make your opinion very clear and precise. The opinions which are not clear will not get good grading. Illustrate all that you know about your opinion and make sure you are give clarity while making your opinion in the conclusion. You have to mention why you are taking this opinion, it is mandatory to write about it as the examiner needs to know your point of view vehemently.

d. A conclusion statement that ends well

At the end write a general statement that guides well to a direction that ends well. Here you can write how the things can be improved or what will be the consequences if the things are not done appropriately. This will demonstrate that you are ending your conclusion well by summarising about what can be done to achieve your given opinion.

If you follow these four points, you will definitely hit the target well. Achieving your IELTS score is tough, but is not impossible. Keep trying and give the best shot in your exam. Remember, do not take conclusion casually, as it can hamper your band score. It is as important as a well-written introduction, therefore what you write must come from your inside and in an exceptional way.

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