There are various types of essay questions in IELTS some of which are Agree/Disagree, Advantage/Disadvantage, Causes/Effects, and double action questions. Among all of these, there exists one more type and it requires the candidate to analyze both sides of the argument. These are known as discussion essays or essays where the candidate has to analyze both sides of the argument.

These types of topic questions are some bit different than argument essays and must be responded by the candidate displaying discussion and argument. The candidate will be asked to discuss both sides of the argument which includes a critique and will analyze the point of view related to the argument. This article will substantially elaborate on facts to do well in writing such type of essays.

What type of skills are required to write discussion essay?

Writing a discussion essay is different than other types of writing essays. It requires the candidate to exhibit a great range of opinion, the point of views and thesis which ultimately results in a solid conclusion. It requires a well-planned strategy and implementation of that strategy in a precise manner. The candidate must write good key points of the discussion to vehemently prove his/her point of view. This is important as discussion essay demands solid proof and discussion. If it is not done this way, it will surely result in a low band score. Thus the skills required here are strong key points,
your point of view and a strong general discussion making your essay a discussion essay.

How to plan your discussion essay?

Planning this type of essay is really important and you must give at least 5-7 minutes to your planning before writing these types of essays. If you plan in a correct way, you will win half of your war.

As per my experience, below is the planning strategy you should follow:


a. What has been done in the current context of the argument, i.e. what has happened in the past regarding the discussion topic?.
b. What is the current scenario related to the argument?
c. Write your first and second point of view to make it clear to the examiner about what you are going to write in your essay.
d. A statement stating what will be elaborated in the upcoming paragraphs. You can write “Both sides of the arguments will be discussed before a solid conclusion is drawn”.

The 1st Paragraph/1st Viewpoint

a. The subject of the first point of view
b. The things which are happening in real and supports the first point of view.
c. Supporting example of the first point of view.
d. Your view on the first point of view and it must be clear and precise.
e. Your conclusion on the first point of view

2nd Paragraph/2nd ViewPoint

a. The subject of the second point of view
b. The things which are happening in real and supports second point of view.
c. Supporting example of the second point of view.
d. Your view on the second point of view and it must be clear and precise.
e. Your conclusion on the second point of view


a. A general point of view regarding the discussion which summarises the essay.
b. Your point of view and what you think about it. Here state your position on the topic.
c. How do you think the things can be changed in a positive way.
d. A general statement for the future related to the discussion.

Which generic keywords can be used in this type of essay?

I am here enlisting some of the generic keywords which can be used in such types of essays. Here is a list of keywords which can be used as per the scenario and context of the topic question.

increasing rapidly, growing influence, completely replace, progressive rate, hold the attention, concurrently, small-scale, effective, possibility, on the other side of the argument, indeed, will never completely replace, strong support, entirely

How score exceptionally well in this type of essay?

Let’s take an example of an IELTS question to demonstrate how we can do well using above-mentioned points.

“Many people are opting mortgages and home loans to run up huge personal debts that they may be unable to repay. It should, therefore, be made more difficult for individuals to borrow large amounts of money in the form of a loan and get into a debt trap. What are your opinions on this?”

Let take the above-mentioned strategy to write this discussion essay. But before this, we need to understand the keywords which are mortgage and loan. The candidate must understand them what they mean. For instance, A mortgage is an agreement that helps an individual to use his/her property as collateral to secure a loan.

For Introduction

As stated above the introduction can be written as:

In recent times, masses have been trying to get their own home early in their life. Thus, there has been a significant increase in the percentage of people taking loans and getting into mortgages by lending their personal properties and upcoming income in the form of loan installments. Some people argue that loan should be made more complicated for the individuals as they get into debt, but some say it is partly fair to impose restrictions on those who are able to pay their loan on time with ease. This article will discuss both sides of the arguments before a solid conclusion is drawn.

As you can see all the sentences have been formed as per above-mentioned strategy.

For 1st point of view/1st body paragraph

“To begin with, banks should increase the interest rate so that masses do not get into a debt trap, which hampers the economy of the country. The government should make strict banking policies to avoid substantial loans to customers who are unable to deal with a situation where they are bogged due to their financial crisis. Therefore, bank representatives play a crucial role in explaining individuals about strict bank rules. A recent example can be seen in India, where two richest people went fugitive when they were unable to pay their bank loans. Thus, to save national economy, the loan process must be made strict by increasing interest rate on the loans with a proper guarantee from the individual.”

For 2nd point of view/2nd body paragraph

“Although, the people are getting rich as the economy of a country grows. This increase the demand for better lifestyle and homes. To fulfill desires, masses want to take possession of homes and other products which are available on load. People having high income know that they can easily pay the loan and live a good life as per their choice. Therefore, the government should not make strict policies and should allow citizens willing to take the loan in an easy way. For instance, there is an authority like CIBIL which measures the probability of completing an individual loan. Thus strict restrictions on loan will only increase interest rate and will impose an extra burden on genuine individuals desiring to take the loan on mortgage.”

Here we can see that the above paragraph has been written as per the discussed strategy for the 2nd point of view.

Similarly, you can create a conclusion paragraph based on the mentioned strategy. I hope this article will help you to absorb all the details required to write a discussion essay. Please do give your honest feedback and reviews for this article.

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