This article will demonstrate how to write an advantage and disadvantage essay in your IELTS writing task 2 exam. Advantage and disadvantage require a strong knowledge of the topic as the key points will make your essay strong. Otherwise, the candidate will waste a lot of time in assessing and jotting down the major points which are to be explained in the essay as advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is mandatory that you have a strong general knowledge to prove your points and avoid making a mediocre essay.

Understanding the essay question

It is really important that you understand what is asked in the essay question. If you look carefully in the below essay question, you will note that the keywords here are motor insurance, benefits to the owner and insurance not being helpful to the owner. It clearly means that you have to write on motor insurance benefits as advantages and for demerits write how insurance is not helpful to the owner.

“Some people think that motor insurance provides various benefits to the owner, while others think that buying motor insurance is not helpful. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the motor insurance policy.”

Analysing and creating key points

As per the above-mentioned topic question, below are probably advantages and disadvantages of using a vehicle insurance policy. Make sure you do not take more than 5-7 minutes to analyze these key points. Once this is done you are good to go to the next step.


a. It provides benefits to survivors when an accident results in death.
b. It covers damage caused by other than an accident, for example, theft, fire, etc.
c. It covers the bills of vehicle repairs due to damage caused in an accident.


a. Only covers certain parts of your damaged car.
b. Car Insurance company often takes time to release the payments.
c. Motor insurance is costly and reiterates every year.

Creating a list of vocabulary, synonyms etc

The next step is to create a list of vocabulary which can be used in the essay. This is done so that you do not forget your vocabulary due to the onus of writing for a limited time. Thus, the better option is to write your synonyms, vocabulary etc. before writing your essay. Here in this example, the vocabulary and synonyms can be

insurance coverage, accident, damage, theft, motor insurance provider, uncertain situations, premiums, payments, policy, cover loss, financial liability, protection etc.

These are the words which can be used in your essay and correlates to your topic question. This will actually save a lot of time as you do not have to think about the words which you are going to use in your essay. Once you are done with your word list, the next step is to combine jotted down key points (i.e advantages and disadvantages points) and your word list. If you correctly integrate grammar and sentence structure in your essay, you will be able to write an extraordinary essay. Remember, the candidate has to impress the examiner with exceptional writing skill. Although, you will get a very limited time if you practice well you will not find it hard to analyze and create a word list for your essay.

Essay Introduction

Introduction should have

a. What has been done in the current context of the argument, i.e. what has happened in the past regarding the discussion topic?.
b. What is the current scenario related to the argument?
c. Write to your advantage and disadvantage points in your introduction.
d. A statement stating discussion topics.

For example,

“In the era of this fast moving world, everyone seems to be in a hurry on the road. This situation can give birth to an accident and damage and thus cause loss of property and life. On one hand, motor insurance has made life easier by covering vehicle damage and accident. This has removed the burden of financial loss as it covers loss on the automobile. On the other hand, some believe that motor insurance is too costly and gives you a little relief in case of an accident. This essay will elaborate on both point views and will enlighten the key factors associated with these beliefs.”

As you can see the introduction has been created based on the structure mentioned above. This way you do not have to think about the sentence structure and can create a very introduction based on the same.

Discussing Advantages

The 1st Paragraph/Advantages

a. The subject of advantages.
b. The things which are happening in real and supports the first point of view.
c. Supporting example of advantages.
d. Your advantages must be clear and precise.
e. Your conclusion on advantages.

Here you will use your jotted down points of advantages, For example,

“Nevertheless, motor insurance has had been providing security and safety to the owner and its property since it is in the market. Masses have been opting for it due to its immense benefits in the form of providing compensation in case of a damage. Firstly, it provides benefits to survivors in case of an accident or death helping in the aid of suffered family. Secondly, it covers damage caused other than by accident, for example, theft and fire. Moreover, it covers the bills of vehicle repairs due to the damaged caused in case of an accident. For instance, a famous actor in India survived in an accident and got the full compensation of the luxury car destroyed in the accident. Due to its advantages, people have opted it substantially from past five decades.”

For example,

2nd Paragraph/Disadvantages

a. The subject of the second point of view
b. The things which are happening in real and supports second point of view.
c. Supporting example of the second point of view.
d. Your view on disadvantage it must be clear and precise.
e. A brief point of view

Here you will use your jotted down points of disadvantages, For example,

“However, there are demerits associated with motor insurance, which are quite notorious among masses. This includes a partial cover on damaged car parts as some insurance companies deny to give full compensation. Thus, the promise of motor insurance seems faded when the accident actually happens. In addition, car insurance companies often take prominent time to release insured payments and it has resulted in various consumer forum cases ultimately resulting in the consumption of precious time of the owner. Often, motor insurance is costly and individuals have to pay the heavy┬áprice for it, thus making it a non-fruitful course in case no accident or damage takes place.”


a. A general point of view regarding the discussion which summarises the essay.
b. Your point of view and what you think about it. Here state your position on the topic.
c. How do you think the things can be changed in a positive way.
d. A general statement for the future related to the discussion.

For example,

“To conclude, motor insurance has been beneficial, but it varies case to case as some say that they found it an easy process and received the payments. Whereas, others say that it is a cumbersome process to get insurance amount. I believe that the advantages outweigh disadvantages as it gives a relief to the owner and also helps them in an adverse situation. Government is making strict policies in various countries to make it compulsory so that people can actually take advantage of it in case of any damage. Thus, it signifies that motor insurance should be opted for by every vehicle owner.”

The above essay demonstrates how we can write advantage and disadvantage essay. I hope this article has enlightened the key factors while writing an advantage and disadvantage essay. Please give you honest feedback and comment on the same.

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