An IELTS candidate usually thinks, how the examiner is going to examine candidate’s writing. The most important things the examiner is checking are spelling mistakes, grammar,vocabulary and sentence formation. In this write up, I am going to cover sentence creation. Sentence creation clearly indicates, what the candidate is capable of in terms of writing. Now, the question arises, what should the candidate write to get excellent band scores in IELTS task 2. For this, we need to understand the concept of sentence creation. There are basically three types of sentence formations

1. Simple Sentence
2. Compound Sentence
3. Complex Sentence

The examiner is looking forward to the usage of all these sentence formation in your introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Let us understand what are different types of sentence formations and how we can achieve good scores using these sentence formations.

1. Simple Sentence: A simple sentence as the word implies, gives an information related to a single subject. For example, the sentence “The masses are being humiliated by oppressors.” is a simple sentence as it gives information about a single information about masses. These types of sentences should be used at least once in your essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

2. Compound Sentence: A compound sentence also gives information, but multiple information of a subject. For instance, “There have had been various health problems due to frozen food, but it also saves time and effort”, in this sentence we get information that frozen foods are creating health problems, but on the other hand, they are saving time and effort. Thus, it gives extra bit of information on the topic. These types of sentences should be used more than once in your essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

3. Complex Sentence: A complex sentence can give contradictory or comparing information, this is why it is called a complex sentence. For instance, “Although there are benefits of internet as it is a major source of communication, but it has drawbacks too in the form of proliferation of fake information, nudity and radicalization”, in this sentence there is a contradictory statement. To remember how to use complex sentences use a formula “WUBAIW” i.e Whether, Until, But, Although, If, While, these are the words that start your complex sentence. Complex sentences are major source of band score so write them at least twice in your essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

To conclude, I have demonstrated one paragraph which will give you a clear picture of the above points.

Many people prefer to spend money and not save it. What are the reasons? Is this a positive or negative development?

In the above writing task 2 topic, the introduction can be written as:

(simple sentence)Money is an important aspect of life. (complex sentence)While money certainly brings status, it is acquired mostly for the purpose of showing off than creating choices. (compound sentence)The masses spend a substantial amount of time on entertainment and luxuries. (compound sentence) This essay will elaborate on various factors that cause people to spend money instead of saving it.

Please make sure, that in addition to the formation of sentences, focus of spelling mistakes, grammar, vocabulary and stick on the topic. Because these are very important in addition to sentence formation. Only sentence formation will not help, but instead you should concentrate on all these aspects to write a good essay. To further read more, check my article on this Link.

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