An IELTS letter basically has 5 parts and the candidate must leave a line before after finishing and starting new paragraph having the respective point.

a. Greeting Part
b. The purpose of writing the letter
c. The circumstances and scenario
d. The action you want to be taken.
e. Finishing off the letter with a good note.

Let us take these respective points and learn how to write a letter that gives you a band 9 score.

a. Greeting Part

The greeting is the first line of IELTS letter. It usually represents who we are writing to and what is the format of the letter(formal/informal). The greeting part can be for either formal letter or an informal letter. For example, for a formal letter, the greeting can be:

Dear sir or madam,
To whom it may concern,

Whereas, for an informal letter:

Dear XYZ,
Dear Mr./Mrs. ABC,

It is important to maintain the tone of the letter as per the letter type. Once you are done you can leave a line and start writing after the left line from the very left of the page.

b. The purpose of writing the letter

This tells why you are writing this letter. It contains almost 2-3 sentences which give a brief description of the purpose for writing the letter. You can start the line like “I am writing to you to ____
about _____” and precisely it can be, “I am writing to you to complain about a recent fraud that happened in your bank”. But, for informal letters, you can write in a formal tone, for example, “Hope you are doing good…”. This way you can give the introduction of the cause for which you are writing your letter.

c. The circumstances and scenario

In this paragraph, you will write a detailed description of what, when, and why. It means what is the problem/complaint/situation. Secondly, when did it happened or is going to happen?. Finally,
why it is happening and how it is affecting you or other people. This is followed correctly in writing your letter of IELTS task 1 will surely give you good band score. This paragraph usually has 5-6
sentences which contain all the above-mentioned points.

d. The action you want to be taken.

In this paragraph, you will write about the action you want to be taken. For instance, if it is a complaint then urge the person/ organization to take necessary steps and how these steps can be taken. This is usually of 1-2 sentences and once this is done correctly, you are good to go with your final finishing line of the letter.

e. Finishing off the letter with a good note.

Here good note is a positive note that tells that what is the future prospect. For instance, you can write, “Looking forward to your response on the same.”. This means we are expecting an answer from whom we are writing to.

Let us make our hands dirty

Here we will take an example of the informal letter and find out how we can write an informal letter of a score of band 9.

Last month you had a holiday overseas where you stayed with some friends. They have just sent you some photos of your holiday.

Write a letter to your friend.

In your letter
• thank him for the photos and for the holiday.
• explain why you didn’t write earlier.
• invite him to come and stay with you.

Dear XYZ,

Hope you are doing good and in pink of your health. It has been one of the most amazing time we spend together on our holidays.

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the astonishing trip to Bernard island. The sheer beauty of nature mesmerized both of us and took us back to our old times. I just received the photos that we took on our tour of the new camera. All the pictures remind me of the great fun we had together, especially at the beach. I thank you from the core of my heart for having me over and planning the whole trip.

I could not write to you in the meantime as I had to complete my annual presentation which got delayed due to my absence from the office. The timelines to finish the presentation were strict and hence I had to complete it by today. The rigorous work in the office made me focused to complete this presentation.

Now since I am done with my work, I’d like to invite you to come over here and stay with me at my home. I have made arrangments for you in my guest room as per your convenience. I think you will be able to manage your time and will stay at my place.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

Remember, the tone matters a lot. You have to take care of the tone if it is format letter maintain the formal tone otherwise informal tone. Hope this article will help you a lot in your IELTS exam. Please give your feedback and comment for this article.

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