This article will articulate the facts showcasing how a candidate can achieve 9 bands easily in writing task 1. This article contains writing task 1 sample with band 9 and will manifest the skills required to achieve the same. There are few things you
need to take care of :

1. Spelling mistakes
2. Grammatical mistakes
3. Lexical mistakes
4. Coherence and cohesion
5. Task achievement

All of the above are key factors while assessing your IELTS band score. Therefore, it is utterly necessary to practice and improve these 5 traits of writing in IELTS tasks. This will be illustrated with an example, which shows how we can score band 9 in IELTS
writing task 1. But, before this, there are few things which a candidate should instill and these are:

1. The understanding of the topic question.
2. Make sub-points of what the topic question is asking.
3. Make key points against each sub-point.
4. Make sure that you cover every subtopic in your letter.

Let us start this with an example, check this below topic question for IELTS task 1 general question.

There have been electricity cuts in recent days in your society due to low quality electricity wires. This is causing a danger of fire and is utterly hampering the studies of children in your society.

Write a letter to the company. In your letter:
a. Introduce yourself
b. Explain the situation
c. Say what action you would like the company to take

In the example above, you have to understand what the question is asking you to do. Let us analyze this topic question, the main topic here is electricity complaint as the topic suggest that there is a problem and we have to write a complaint letter to the company. Secondly, we have to mention how the wires are affecting the society. Here, in this case, we have to mention the danger of fire caused by mediocre quality wires. In addition, students are not able to study due to electricity cuts. Once this is done, let’s move to what has been asked to the candidate

a. Introduction: here you are the secretary of your society

b. Explain the situation: danger of fire, power cuts have made life miserable.

c. Say what action you would like the company to take: change the electricity wires and replace them with high-quality wires.

Thus as we can see that all the relevant points above here will make a complaint letter. Let us create this letter

Dear Sir or Madam,

(point an In this paragraph, Start with point an i.e introduce yourself.)
I am the secretary of XYZ society and I am writing to you to complain you about a major electricity problem, which has been occurring from past 10 days in my society. Please allow me to elaborate on the present situation.

(point b then describe your problem.)
Due to the mediocre quality of wires, many short circuit incidents have happened causing power cuts and hampering daily lives of the residents in the society. Children are not able to prepare for their exams due to the power cut and have impacted critically on their studies. In addition, the continuous sparking can cause the fire in the society which can result in an accident.

(point c what action you would like to take)
The regular power cuts and fear of fire have made lives of residents miserable. Therefore, I urge you to change the electricity wires and replace them with high-quality wires to avoid any mishappening in the society.

Yours Sincerely,

As you can see, the letter covers every point mentioned in the topic question. This way, you can easily tackle task 1 in your IELTS exam. You can also check another band 9 sample here, this example also gives a clear picture of strategies to write a band 9 letter. I hope that you like this article and any suggestions or feedback are welcomed.

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