In this level 1 spelling exercise, you have to find the correct answer of the following 10 words. Please add +1 for every correct spelling and match your score at the end of this exercise. Spelling plays a vital role in your IELTS modules. Here are some of the words which are commonly mistaken by many of us.

1. I forgot to look at _______ (calender/calander/calendar).

2. The month in which I was born is _________(Febuary/February/Febuary)

3. I like ________(buisness/business/bisness) instead of job.

4. I forgot to bring the ________(stationery/stationary/stationory) to print my worksheet.

5. It is ________(neccessary/necessary/necassary) to walk everyday.

6. He is my ________(college/colleague/coleauge).

7. My lucky number is ________(fourty/forti/forty).

8. I want to be an ________(entreprenur/entrepreneur/entreperneur).

9. I feel bitter taste on my _______(tounge/tongue/tonge).

10. Its really a ______(wired/weired/weird) feeling.








1. calendar

2. February

3. business

4. stationery

5. necessary

6. colleague

7. forty

8. entrepreneur

9. tongue

10. weird




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