In this level 3 spelling exercise, you have to find the correct answer of the following 10 words. Please add +1 for every correct spelling and match your score at the end of this exercise. This level will give 10 words, which most of us fail to answer correctly. If you are able to answer all of them correctly, then you must consider your self as a good English language user. But, if not, then don’t lose hope as after this exercise, you will find it easy to write these words correctly.

1. It feels _______ (embarassing/embarasing/embarrassing) when you are caught doing something wrong.

2. Children need to learn _________(attiquete/etiquate/ettiquette) at home and school.

3. It depends on the ________(occureence/occurrence/occorrance) of full moon to cause high tides.

4. Temparature has decreased to 80 ________(faranheit/fahranheit/fahrenheit) instantly today.

5. Her ________(glamorous/galmorrous/gllamorous) looks killed everyone.

6. The body ________(tatoo/taatoo/tattoo) looks awesome on him.

7. Tommorrow, I will ask him ________(definately/difinately/definitely).

8. Did you read this ________(magazine/magzine/magsine).

9. The disease caused due to deficiency of _______(carbohyderates/carbohydrates/carbohydarates).

10. WHO is ______(abbreviation/abbriviation/abberevation) of World Health Organisation.










1. embarrassing

2. etiquette

3. occurrence

4. fahranheit

5. glamorous

6. tattoo

7. definitely

8. magazine

9. carbohydrates

10. abbreviation

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