The IELTS writing Task 2 requires demonstration of your ability to write an effective essay that incorporates “Academic writing”. Most of the people do not recognize why they get less band score in writing module, even after focusing on their writing, clarity of topic and answering the topic sentence. The answer lies in the fact that IELTS requires “Academic Writing” not our daily routine writing, which we are usually surrounded within the office, business or at home. It is a skill that good authors have mastered and this can be seen in their writing in the form of their blogs, essays, and other articles.

Why it matters?

Academic writing is purely based on the choice of our words, sentence creation, relevancy of topic question, and our idea to present it in an optimal form. This can be illustrated if we check our IELTS reading module task. If you closely observe your reading task, you will find that the IELTS writing task 2 exactly wants the same sort of skill from your side too. This reciprocates the fact that in order to get good band score, you must demonstrate your academic writing skill. Let us understand this with an example. If someone asks you to write about an animal say parrot, what you will write? An average writer will write like this

“A parrot is a bird that flies in the sky. It is normally found in green colour with red peak. The parrot eats vegetables and can fly high in the sky.”

Whereas, an academic writer will write the above like this

“The bird parrot, who usually has green colour with red peak relies on vegetation to sail in the sky.”

Here you can see the difference, academic writing is shortening the sentences with the best possible usage of words with ease. It not only makes the writing easy to read and understand, but also creates an interest to read your writing. This is a skill you need to acquaint and it is required to manifest that you are a good writer.

How can I know which word or structure is academic?

Someone asked me “If I want to assess my own writing, how would I find that I have used the academic style. I mean is there any pattern or something by using I can evaluate it?”, the answer is given in this link. It clearly mentions how we can convert a casual language into academic writing.

Demonstrating skill of “Academic Writing”

In IELTS, examiner wants you to show your academic writing skill. The more you demonstrate it precisely, the more are the chances of you to get a good band score. This is the key and is the primary reason to get good band score in your IELTS writing task 2. Remember, while using academic writing you need to stay focused on the choice of your words. Select your words wisely and appropriately to create a neat and clean essay full of academic writing. In Asian countries, most of the people do not practice this writing and face lot of difficulty in achieving good band score in writing. But the real question still persists, How to improve and learn the skill of academic writing? The answer is really simple and there is a trick which is elaborated in the next paragraph and it will make you a master in it.

Improve your writing substantially with this trick

Exhibiting your academic writing is not an easy task. It requires you to be familiar with words, their usage and idea which is to be generated instantly to use words precisely in your sentences. But, I am going to tell you a simple trick that will substantially suffice your hunger to learn academic writing. You can find academic writing in your IELTS reading, blog, newspaper but remember not more than 3 words. Write down 3 academic words every day, for instance pioneering, accumulate and alleviate are three words you have noted. Then, incorporate them into your routine writing and see the difference. In fifteen days you will find a substantial change in your writing. Practice will make you write a sentence that will automate you to write the best possible academic sentences. Not only this skill will help you in your IELTS exams, but also in your upcoming future.


Most of the IELTS candidate think that their writing is really good. But it does not matter because the IELTS wants you to write academic writing not your own perception of a good writer. If you empty your mind and learn this fact then there is no force that can stop you to achieve a good band score. I will be happy to know your suggestions and comments on this article.

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