Most of the times people get puzzled when being in a situation where someone is asked to do something oblivious instantly. This means a lack of knowledge and planning creates a non-favorable situation. Same applies when a candidate attempts the writing task 2 without prior planning and knowledge. This article will elaborate on how to handle “Agree/Disagree” essays in IELTS task 2 and will enlighten the key factors involved in writing these types of essays.

How to plan your essay?

Planning an essay is really important, nearly all of the candidates start writing instantly when they have understood the topic question. However, this approach will lead them into confusion and will result in a mismanaged article on its completion. This situation can be improved by planning and information. When we say planning and information, it means that candidate must plan what needs to be written and how it is to be presented. In addition, the candidate needs to exhibit the writing skills with accurate information. When we read a topic question we have to make sure of these 3 things

1. Understanding the topic question clearly.
2. Understanding what is to be written in the essay by analyzing keywords in the topic question.
3. Understanding what needs to be answered based on the trigger words, the trigger words are the words written in the essay.

For example, “Public transportation is a great way to travel, particularly within a metropolis. The metro is the most convenient way to get around a city. Do you agree or disagree?”

In this topic question, we have to answer our above mentioned 3 questions:

a. In the introduction, write a thesis statement “Background of travel with public transportation” and our opinion about it (i.e agree or disagree).

b. In paragraphs, we need to write the answer “why metro is the most convenient/non-convenient way to commute in and around a city?”.

c. Again in paragraphs, you have to mention, how it is convenient(if you agree) or non-convenient(in case you disagree). Make at least 3 points for your opinion.

d. Why do you think that you agree or disagree with this statement?

e. What should be in the summary of this essay, i.e make sure you give an overall picture and ending your essay with a clarity of your opinion with vindication. Remember, you have to prove that your point is right.

How to write an introduction in “Agree/Disagree” essay?

Remember, you have to write either in favor or not in favor. Your introduction must consist of a background statement with your opinion of what you are supporting. Here, in this case, you will have to write how the public transportation has been useful in societies. Then you have to mention, how metro has been a really good to commute and the contribution of the metro in making life easier for commuters. Then give your opinion i.e whether you agree or disagree with this, I am assuming that the candidate agrees with the topic sentence. For more information on forming sentences, check this link.

For example,

“Mass transiting has had been a core factor in the growth of our societies by saving time and contributing in individual lives by the means of transportation in daily and emergency services. Metropolitan has been a great source to commute as it provides easy access to the cities and saves travelers from the clogged traffic which is usually a major problem in third world countries. I agree that metros have helped in smooth transport and have revolutionized public transportation system. Not only it saves time, but also fuel cost of transportation. This essay will elaborate on these benefits in the forthcoming paragraphs with a logical perspective”

How to plan and write your paragraphs in an essay?

Make at least 3 major points in support of your opinion related to the topic sentence. These points should be logical and should have child points (benefits) under the main point. This is created so that our body paragraphs can have key points to support our opinion. These major points that should be converted into logical paragraphs(check this link). Make sure you stick to the topic and do not go off the topic as it will drastically reduce your band score. For the above topic sentence, the paragraph can be,

“Metro network has proved itself as a revolutionary means of transportation. Firstly, Not only it saves cost and it also provides a medium for a faster transportation due to the nicely managed a network of the metro. A recent study done by BBC world proves that people save 90% of their time and cost when they use the metro to commute in the city. The fast and easy access of metros has made it easy to be within the reach of a common man, this has paved the way for a successful transportation system in recent times. In addition, the greater access to metro stations in the city has made it easily accessible inside metropolitan cities, which are mostly hectic to travel due to huge traffic inside them.”

How to write a conclusion?

Conclusion, is a key part of an essay, to know more about it check this link. Your conclusion must be crystal clear as it is going to end your paragraph. Make sure you are elaborating on the summary, not like the paragraphs where you mention your examples and facts. The language of the conclusion must be like a summarized paragraph. For example, in this case, it can be

“To conclude, metro networks have proved them as a major source of transportation in the cities. The masses are dependent upon metros for their daily routine and have made it as part of their daily lives. As long as the latest technology than metro is invented, metros will remain as a core medium of transportation and will benefit societies to make their lives better and secure.”

Hope this article will help you to achieve your desired band score. Please give your feedback and suggestions.

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