There has been skepticism in adopting perfect vocabulary for IELTS essays. Most of the times, lack of vocabulary in IELTS writing forces the candidate to scribble and perform on a mediocre level. While it is hard to inculcate typical vocabulary, nonetheless it heightens and transcends the level of writing in an essay. This article will devise on the style of vocabulary and how it can be used meticulously to enhance writing supremacy in our essay.

So many thoughts, what to write?

When we write our IELTS task 2 essay, there exists a volatile range of thoughts knocking our mind with the torrent of ideas. The certain goal is to exhibit our ideas in our writing with short possible avenues. By using academic and prudent vocabulary in tandem with endeavors can be deduced into a well written IELTS essay. Vocabulary is the soul of an essay, but it does not require prodigy rather a continuous commitment towards learning accelerates the knowledge of vocabulary on a regular basis. If you use extraordinary words in your IELTS task 2 essay, it is mandatory to use only academic words as common words will only score up to a mediocre level score. So try to indulge into the sweetness of vocabulary and make your essay a sugary one by using this sugar.

Should I use complex vocabulary?

There is no need for too complex words in your IELTS essay, use only those words that make sense in your sentences and are able to sculpture your ideas on the writing sheet in the form of your essay. Apparently, good vocabulary will not only increase the range of your essay but also will shorten your sentences reciprocating your thoughts on the writing paper. Only use those words which you commonly find in your academic books and writing. These words should never be too complex as not only it may result in the excessive complexity of your sentence, but will also make chances of spelling mistakes. Although, you can use complex words, only use them if you have used them in prior to your writing exam. It is preferable to use much commonly used academic words instead
of typical confusing vocabulary words.

Cannot remember vocabulary, what should I do?

Vague thoughts will always stop you thinking your vocabulary. Remember, not only you have to strenuously support your ideas but also vehemently support your stance in a broader way. Always make sure that your vocabulary should be drenched with your topic question and sentence idea. Using relevant vocabulary will shorten your sentences and will contribute in a well written academic essay for IELTS task 2 exam. Thus, unremitting practice will make you perfect in writing an academic essay. Here I am stressing on the word “academic essay” to instill it in your mind that you have to write your essay in an uncommon way. For example, you cannot write your task 2 essay like a formal writer who thinks that he wrote good and will easily get 7+ bands. This thinking is only a mirage and when you come out of it, you will find a new world associated with fine thinking and writing.

Will remembering a writing pattern help me?

Do not follow any pattern, instead use your mind wisely. Examiners are much experienced and they instantly find the level of candidate and their writing complexity. It is therefore recommended that you write it naturally with your own ideas and thoughts. Henceforth, you should try to write by yourself as only unique writing gets a good band, not a copied one. Most of the candidates will get around 7 bands if they combine copied writing and personal ideas. Thus, it seems that copy and pasting will not work here, you have to understand the topic question clearly to answer in your own ideas and thoughts.

Where is the writing task 2 vocabulary?

If you read this article from the top, you must have found the academic vocabulary words. If you still have not found them try to find them, an example can be volatile, torrent, exhibit, avenues and prudent in first two lines of this article. You can find these in your IELTS reading sections, novels, and academic books. In addition, below is an example of writing an introduction with academic vocabulary.

For example, for an introduction to your essay,

Line 1
There is no skepticism in admitting the unremitting contribution of _____ to enhance ____ in our societies.

Line 2
There has been an ongoing argument over whether ____ should be _____ . In my opinion, __________ should be _______ as it contributes in ___________ and ________.

Line 3
This essay will elaborate on the reasons for taking this stance in the forthcoming paragraph from a logical perspective.

In above three lines, academic vocabulary is combined with ideas to make sentences. These sentences are academic sentences and combination of these will result in an academic paragraph.

I hope that you have understood the concept of adding good quality academic vocabulary to increase your band score. This is a skill which will help you in your whole life, learn it and see the difference yourself. Please give your feedback and suggestions on this article.

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