Vocabulary Band 8
Vocabulary Band 8

IELTS writing vocabulary and academic word list for 8 band article enlighten the desire to succeed in IELTS exam. The are many reasons behind it, one of the main reason is lack of academic words incorporated in a writing essay. This article will showcase the most widely used academic words and vocabulary to achieve a band score of 8+ in your IELTS writing and speaking tests. If you inculcate and incorporate these words in your essay, its 100% sure that you will get 8+ bands in your writing if you write them carefully in your essay considering the other key factors like sentence structure, spelling mistakes, task achievement, and grammar.

Here is the list of words with their meanings, which you can use in any essay independent of any topic question.

1. demonstrates

To show or exhibit
“This demonstrates how pollution has deteriorated our environment.”

2. effective

A successful attempt/solution to produce the desired result.
“It is effective in the proliferation of staples.”

3. affect

Changes that make/made this different
“The cyclone affected major parts of the city.”

4. stimulation

The action that produces enthusiasm, excitement and galvanizing result.
“Classical music gives soothing effect while pop music stimulates our mind.”

5. producing

The action of a result that develops something from raw material or components.
“Due to increased demand, the power company is producing more electricity than before.”

6. incorporating

To include or contain something as part or whole
“The policies incorporates all the rules to be followed by an employee.”

7. pioneering

Become first to use or apply any new method, the area of knowledge or activity
“The company is pioneering the latest technology in her latest car.”

8. zenith

The time at which something or someone is the most powerful and successful.
“Steve Job was at a zenith in technology world during the year 2011.”

9. pinnacle

The topmost position of success.
“He had reached the pinnacle of his career.”

10. methodology

The way or system of methods used in the area of study or activity.
“The latest methodology used has put the company on the zenith.”


11. occasionally

irregular and not frequent
“Friends met up occasionally for a walk.”

12. crystal clear

Completely transparent and unclouded
“She made the situation crystal clear after showcasing the will documents.”

13. momentum

velocity at which a particular task is performed or achieved.
“The production gained momentum after the joining of a new CEO in the company.”

14. skeptics

In doubt and not clear
“There is no skepticism in admitting the unremitting contribution of newspapers in our societies.”

15. collaborative

Contributed by two or more parties or individuals
“The collaborative research by both brothers resulted in an astonishing discovery.”

16. but in the meantime

Until something expected happens or something is happening
“She had to wait in the hotel, but in meantime, she had her dinner.”

17. manifests

Demonstrating or displaying something
“It manifests the reason behind revoking the constitutional law.”

18. seek help

To reach for help
“She was seeking for help when she found her locked in the hotel’s lift.”

19. aspiration

A desire to achieve something
“Her speech made me aspiring.”
“Her aspirations are exceptional ones.”

20. appropriate

Suiting as per circumstances
“This is not an appropriate time to watch a movie.”

21. strives

Make great efforts to achieve a goal or obtain something
“The people of Congo are striving for help due to this catastrophic drought.”

22. exemplifies

The result or representation of an example.
“This exemplifies that not following traffic rules may result in serious consequences.”

23. alleviate

reducing the effect of a problem partially; make something less severe.
“The doctor could not prevent her pain, only alleviate it.”

24. reluctant

Not interested and unwilling
“She was reluctant to hear her husband’s story.”

25. optimal

Best, par excellence
“The optimal solution is not to set the gate on the front side of the house.”

26. illustrates

Define with examples and pictures.
“The book illustrates the history of India and its traditions.”

27. accumulates

To gather or acquire in an increasing number.
“The will accumulates her with wealth she had never imagined before.”

28. regulates

control or maintain a process to operate it accordingly.
“The water dam regulates the flow of water in the correct direction.”

29. specific

Clearly stated, defined and identified.
“This specific piece of information on astronauts exhibits the relation between space and mankind.”

30. employ

To give work to someone or group of people.
“The company employs more than 2500 people.”

31. ailments

Illness but not severe.
“The doctor diagnosed her with a common foot ailment.”

32. evolved

Develop gradually
“The company has evolved into a major software giant in just 5 years.”

33. consequences

An unpleasant result; outcome which is unwelcome
“The consequences of defying health symptoms are severe in case not diagnosed early.”

34. influenced

control which can be direct or indirect
“Feminist ideas have influenced the lawmakers.”

35. ecstasy

the overwhelming feeling of beauty, joy, and happiness
“The touch of his guru added an inner ecstasy in him.”

36. gradual

progressing slowly
“The gradual addition in mutual funds can catapult your wealth in the next 10 years.”

37. eventually

The result after a long delay, dispute, or series of problems.
“The toils and moils resulted in him as president eventually after 10 years.”

38. instinctively

By natural thought
“She instinctively selected the color that made her dress extraordinary well.”

39. eternity

Which cannot be ended
“The eternal love between me and her has resulted in this success.”

40. surrounded

To gather and enclose
“The army surrounded the area after getting an information about militants.”

41. immortality

To remain eternal
“The dream of immortality is becoming possible in near future.”

42. massive

huge, large and heavy
“The song captivated him massively.”

43. astounding

surprisingly very well
“The astounding performance of athlete impressed everyone.”

44. one of the enlightenment

insight awareness
“The movement made an enlightenment in our societies.”

45. fascinating

very interesting and exciting
“Her looks fascinated me.”

46. faded

diluted by some factor including time, cause or another effect.
“The faded color of the dress did not impress me much.”

47. alive and well

continue to survive
“Tourists who went missing yesterday during a storm have been found alive and well.”

48. despite

without being
“Despite the great leadership qualities he had to quit.”

49. practices

belief or method
“Th practices followed by doctors are exceptional in this hospital.”

50. pattern

a repeated design or process
“The world should move away from the patterns of conflict and fear.”

51. conflict

disagreement or argument
“The conflict between the two resulted in a high-end drama on the street.”

52. prior

coming before
“You should inform them in prior as you might get late today.”

53. distrust

No trust, lack of trust
“The public has distrusted the politicians in this election.”

54. anxiety

The feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease
“He was anxious before being moved into the operation theatre.”

55. classical

related to old legendary
“The classic version of this game is more superior than the new one.”

56. forbidden

Not allowed or banned
“There are few movies which are forbidden due to their content.”

57. primary

something which is majorly important
“The primary aim of the government is to provide shelter to the needy ones.”

58. initially

at first
“Initially the company faced turbulence in the market, but then performed well.”

59. integrated

parts or aspects linked or coordinated
“The parts were integrated to form a big machine.”

60. cope with

deal effectively with something difficult
“We attended this session to improve our ability to cope with stress.”

I hope this article will help you in writing your essays. Please give your feedback and suggestions on the same.

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