Brainstorming prior writing an essay
Brainstorming prior to writing an essay

Brainstorming prior to writing an essay is equivalent to planning your essay with a wit and management. If you are able to brainstorm your essay topic well, then you clearly understand what is to be written and how. This clarity of thoughts and management will surely score good bands in your essay writing task.

1. Understand the topic question clearly.

Make sure you understand the topic question clearly and precisely. Always underline and highlight keywords in the topic question to make sure that you understand the focus of the essay’s content.
The topic question has one general statement and one topic question on which you have to answer and you need to make sure that you know what you have to write.

2. Think before you write your essay.

After understanding your topic question, think about your essay layout and structure. If you imagine it precisely, you will be able to generate a good essay. Write key points about your essay’s topic question so that you are well aware of what is asked and what to write in your essay. Make sure you incorporate key points about every keyword and elaborate them with good points and examples.

3. Create a planning diagram before writing.

Planning diagram will clearly identify what you have to write in your essay. Planning and jotting down it in your diagram is really important. Below I have given an example of it, but you can create it in your own style. Not only it will also plan your paragraph content, but also how it achieves the task of topic question. Thus, it will allow you to clearly visualize your essay and its points. Let us
take an example of below topic question.

“The nuclear plants are gradually increasing near the cities to generate electricity, due to an increase in the electricity demand. Some believe that it is affecting our environment badly and causing serious health issues. Do you agree or disagree?”

Let us identify the keywords here :
1. Subject: Nuclear Plants
2. Subject: Electricity demand
3. Subject: Cities
4. Topic: Environment
4. Topic: Health

After reading the topic question you can do the following:

Strongly agree with the statement
Somewhat agree with the statement
Neither agree nor disagree with the statement
Somewhat disagree with the statement
Strongly disagree with the statement

Let us see the planning diagram for the same

(subtopic)Increased demand for electricity –> (subtopic)Need for nuclear plants to generate electricity –> (subtopic)causing air pollution, affecting health -> Strongly agree with the statement

Para 1
(main topic) Environment

(subtopic)Harmful gases are released from the plant –> (subtopic)toxic air converted to acid rain and damaging crops –> (subtopic)causing greenhouse effect due to the emission of a large number of harmful gases.

Para 2
(main topic) Health
(subtopic)Toxic air particles enter in our body –> (subtopic) causing breathing problems and affecting organs –> (subtopic) depletion of genetic growth due to toxins inside our body.

Nuclear plants are affecting environment –> Government should take serious action –> Find an alternative to other energy generating

4. Cohesion and coherence for every paragraph

Make sure to plan how the paragraphs will link with each other. If you are not aware of connectors, you can visit the writing section of this website. Plan correct cohesion words and make sure that they relate with upcoming sentences and paragraphs. The linking is really important as it is one of the criteria for your band score.

5. Think of all good vocabulary related to the topic.

Write all good vocabulary related to the topic question’s points to make sure that you do not need to recall them while writing your essay. After creating your planning diagram, make sure you write at
least two good vocabulary words in front of every subtopic. Think about all the vocabulary you can remember as while writing your focus must be completely on writing not on remembering words. For instance,

Para 2
(main topic) Health
(subtopic)Toxic air particles enter in our body(harmful, dangerous, destructive, unsafe) –> (subtopic) causing breathing problems and affecting organs (venomous, poisonous, toxic, noxious) –>

(subtopic) depletion of genetic growth due to toxins inside our body (proliferation of toxins, toxicity).

6. Plan the content of your paragraphs.

Once you are done with your planning diagram and vocabulary, the next step is to plan the content. Write examples for at least two subtopics as it will be good to incorporate any examples. Make sure that you plan your conclusion well for your essay. In addition, you can also add key points to make your introduction interesting and eye-catching.

7. Imagine your paragraph content, how it will fit?

Once you are done with above 5 steps, think and visualize about the upcoming essay. This way, you will be sure of what you are going to write and instilling it will let you create the exact essay which you have imagined. Write down any major idea you want to add in your introduction, paragraphs, and conclusion. This way you will make your paragraphs interesting to read and let them score good bands for you.

8. Take a closer look at the time while brainstorming

Time is key in writing, take a close look at the time. Make sure that if you respect to time, then time will respect you. Plan how much time you will take to write your introduction, paragraph 1, paragraph 2 and conclusion. This way you will manage your time impeccably and will be able to finish your essay within or before time.

9. Take special care of task achievement

After you have done all the steps make sure that the task achievement is done precisely. This must be done to make sure that whatever content you have written is as per the question asked in the topic question. Even if you are sure about your task achievement planning, make sure that you cross check it again to avoid losing your band score.

I hope this article has highlighted some key features about brainstorming and planning your IELTS essay. Please do give your suggestions and comments on the same.

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