This article will discuss speaking topic about dreams which can come in IELTS speaking part 1. Usually dreams topic comes in IELTS speaking part 1 which can come in different varieties based on different questions. This article will highlight the key areas to answer questions related to dreams appropriately in IELTS speaking task 1.

Dreams topic for IELTS speaking part 1

The part 1 of IELTS speaking consists of questions which are usually based on our daily routine, family and other associated topics. A dream is also one such topic which may be asked in this test. There is a list of vocabulary you can use in your IELTS speaking test when answering questions on dreams IELTS speaking test. However, it is adviced that you should be natural and use only those words which you are completely aware of. If you are not aware of good vocabulary words use the list given in the article to strengthen your vocabulary.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: Dream with Model Answers

1. Do you like your dreams at night?

Yes, I very much like dreams at night due to their association with my imagination. Sometimes dreams solve my complex problems and a lot of my problems have had been solved in dreams. That is why I love to dream at night.

2. Do you remember your dreams after you wake up?

Yes, sometimes I remember my dreams. When, someone close to me, who does not near come in my dream then I remember my dream. It also happens, when my dream is a nightmare as it gives me a bad feeling instantly while dreaming. Thus there are times when I remember my dreams after waking up.

3. Do you often have dreams?

Yes, I usually have dreams during my sleep cycle. These dreams can count up to 4-5 dreams per night, but only a small number of dreams can be remembered. I am quite lucky to have dreams as some people do not get this chance.

4. Do you think that dreams give intuition?

Yes, I strongly believe that our inner subconsciousness gets activated while dreaming. Many scientists, engineers have found the solution to a problem in their dreams. This intuition of finding things which have not happened reciprocates future and gives us the ability to remember the solution.

5. Do you think we can learn from dreams?

No, I do not think that dreams can affect the way we think and live. The dream is not reality and in most of the cases, we find ourselves on a train or a plane which is totally virtual. Thus we cannot learn from them.

6. Do dreams affect your mood when you wake up?

Yes, dreams do affect our mood. For instance, when I wake up, I feel happy or sad based on my dreams. However, it only happens sometimes, but they do affect our upcoming time and keeps our mood bad or good for some time.

Vocabulary for dreams

very deep sleep
typical sleep
brainwaves are stronger while dreaming
dream relaxes muscles and brain
dream rejuvenates body
vivid dreams
imagination affects dreams
a vision of future in dreams
meaning of dreams
desire affects dreams
fantasy in dreams
comprehend (to become aware of through the senses)
perceive (to become aware of through the senses)
sleep cycle
interpret dreams
subconscious affects dreams
deep sleep
ability to remember

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