This article will elaborate on how to score a good band score in your IELTS speaking test. These tips will help you to score band 7 or higher in your speaking test.

1. Talk as much as you can in your IELTS speaking exam. If you keep on talking with a good flow you will certainly get a good band score. Thus, the more you talk, the higher the score you get in your speaking exam. You must add more information to all answers, it means that whatever you answer it must have some added information. Remember your goal is to speak as much conveniently as possible. While you have to make your thought content lengthy, you do not need to focus only on vocabulary. But if you are good at remembering vocabulary you can use them in your speaking session. However, it is recommended to speak as per your capability and knowledge, going out of the box may cause unexpected errors and vague speaking.

2. Carefully listen to the questions and understand them to make sure you answer the question precisely with some good real-life examples. Going off topic may mean that you didn’t understand the topic or you are trying to use memorized answers. The only reason to go off the topic is misunderstanding the question, therefore carefully listen and adhere on what is to be meant in your answer.Here the key is to be confident and ready to chat prior to your speaking session.

3. The part1 questions are usually about your personal life. These questions are short and require shorter answers. Thus always answer in short while answering for PART1 questions. In addition, always remember to put a smile on your face. This will demonstrate a good confidence and command of the candidate. Also, remember to use a range of grammar tenses in your speaking session. This will demonstrate a diversity in your sentences and knowledge of grammar.

4. In Part2, you will be given a question which you have to answer for at least 90 seconds to 120 seconds. Do make sure you talk about Part 2 for at least for 90 seconds as it is a criterion for your band score. Do not think about the grammar, always focus on your communication flow if your flow is good you will surely get a good score. However, it should make sense and must be relevant to the question asked by the examiner. Always remember to be focused and calm. A lot of candidates have interview phobia which results in a lack of confidence and ultimately resulting in a low band score.

5. In Part3, you have to answer more questions related to Part2. In your answers, you must be able to elaborate on your thoughts and be able to express your opinion in a very well fashioned way.It does not matter if you are good at speaking until you do not speak good you will not get good band score. In this part, you feel more confident and calm, as you have already been on the test for at least 5-7 minutes. Give your best in this session as the fear of speaking interview is almost gone. Remember to be as professional and confident as you can, while being focusing on the examiner’s question.

6. Focus on improving your skills by talking daily to a native speaker or stand in front of a mirror and speak to yourself. Not only it will boost your confidence, but also will improve your speaking rhythm. Before your exam practice in front of the mirror and take a deep nap before you attempt your exam. If you are not able to generate thoughts you must practice harder to improve your thinking capability. Everyone has a hidden acumen and it must be demonstrated when it is a crucial time especially when in an exam. If you have general knowledge about major topics, then it’s not hard for you to build your own sentences and present what you think in the form of spoken words.

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