Top tips for IELTS writing
Top tips for IELTS writing

This article will highlight and focus on top tips to write extraordinary sentences in IELTS writing. Writing is not an easy task and many struggles to get it done correctly. Not only it help you in your IELTS exam, these tips provided will help you with any type of writing you are dealing with.

1. Be academic and use appropriate vocabulary.

Being academic means using academic language in your writing. The writing can be formal, informal and academic. In informal writing, we write emails to our colleagues and friends. Whereas, informal writing, we write to companies, higher officials and people sitting in higher positions. The tone of language is important, IELTS requires you to write in an academic tone. Academic tone consists of usage of sentences which comprises of academic words and vocabulary. You must make sure that the tone remains academic in all of your sentences.

2. Use a combination of simple, compound and complex sentences.

Never use too many simple sentences. An ideal paragraph consists of 1 simple sentence for a general thesis statement. It is usually the first sentence of the paragraph to give a glimpse of what is the main topic on which the paragraph will elaborate upon. Use at least 2 compound sentences using linkers like “and, which” etc. Although it is recommended to use as many complex sentences you can, it depends on the topic and content of the paragraph. If you are a good writer, you will use a combination of simple, compound and complex sentences in your paragraphs.

3. Learn 5 new words every day and incorporate them into your sentences.

If you learn 5 academic words per day and use them consistently in your sentences, within 15 days you will become a good writer. Use news websites like, new york times, and These websites provide articles on various topics and issues. Note how the sentences are created and the usage of words in the sentences. Once you learn the usage and meaning of the word, you can use it further in your future for any writing task.

4. Insert facts and be specific.

Understand the topic completely and provide as many specific details in your sentences. Even if the detail is minute but necessary, you can include it by adding an example in your sentence. The facts are really important and they come from real-life examples. If you are able to incorporate good facts, then you are surely giving good content to your reader. Whenever you are about to write think about what the reader wants. Be specific about the requirement and then write your sentences.

5. Create imagination and make your readers feel something.

An imagination of facts gives you a clear vision. This vision can only be vivid when you have knowledge of the topic. Knowledge leads to imagination and vital content which the reader is expecting from your sentences. Always try to give extraordinary content by visualizing how the reader would feel when the sentence is understood. Here the reader is the examiner who is looking for a good content and exceptionally good write-up. If we provide this to our reader we will get our reward in the form of a good band score.

6. Evoke emotion while keeping the focus on your reader.

The emotion here means to take the reader into your world of imagination. If you are able to it precisely, then the reader would love to read your content and will admire your thoughts and writing capability. One of the main traits of a good paragraph is maintaining the focus of your reader. However, many few are able to achieve it meticulously. Because it requires skills and hard work, you have to make sure that you understand learn this key skill as soon as possible.

7. Try to give much information in lesser words.

A mark of a good sentence is to provide precise and much information in very fewer words. If you are a good writer you will use very fewer words to express your thoughts in words. Thus, information in lesser words will attract your reader and will maintain the rhythm of reading. Lengthy and vague sentences will distract the reader from being reading your sentences and will make not make your write-up interesting and full of information.

8. Practice hard and learn from good writers.

There is an old saying “A practice makes a man perfect”. If you want to be perfect in your writing, then you must practice harder. Write at least 1 essay of 300 words and do not for the sake of writing, instead, write it with the desire to write a good resourceful writing. If you write with your full potential and positive approach, you will see the transformation of yours in just a few weeks. Learn from books and good articles. Understand how good writers use the words as its a magic of words which you have to understand. This can only be understood if you practice hard as there is no technique at present which can transfer all the knowledge in your brain in a very short span of time.

9. Feel like a good writer and give your best while writing.

A positive approach of writer results in a positive and neatly created writing content. Consider yourself a good writer everytime you write your thoughts on paper. It is mandatory to be philosophical while dealing with words in the world of writing. If you treat your words carefully the words will treat your writing. A good writer always decides to give best prior writing any write-up.

10. Do check spelling mistakes and grammar.

Everyone in this world commits mistakes. Although technology has made human near to a superlative machine, it has made our mind mundane due to the dependency on electronic devices and gadgets. We use them for spell check and grammar which makes an individual so dependent that instead of all the knowledge we prefer to use these devices to save time and brain exercise. Remember, spell check is really important after writing. It is therefore recommended to do spell check and correct any mistakes of grammar in your essay.

11. Add-ons to be used in your sentences

Looking for some extraordinary things to make your sentence interesting. Use Prepositional Phrases in your sentences as much as you can. For example, use “on a business trip”, “with the famous pizza”, “seeking help from” etc. In addition, use Linking Verbs in your sentences to write exceptionally well sentences. For instance, “the law seemed broken” do not use “The person broke the law” if you notice you will find the first sentence being more academic and precise. It is because of the use of linking verbs. Moreover, use Helping Verbs, like “has been”, “have had been”, “is known”,” famous for”, “notorious for” etc. These will be like a jewel for your sentences.

I hope this article has highlighted the major points required to write a good essay in IELTS writing. Please do give your suggestions and feedback on the same.

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