Avoid using very to enhance your IELTS writing band score.

Many IELTS candidates use common words in their IELTS writing exam because they are habitual of using it in their office, student life, and other writing scripts. Most of them use the word Very a lot of time. This not only makes your writing mediocre but also avoids the use of academic words which are required to enhance your band score.

Below is the list of words you can use and avoid using the word Very. This is a really important aspect of IELTS writing, so if you do it carefully, you will certainly uplift your writing skill and IELTS Band Score.

1. Very Noisy instead use Deafening
2. Very Often instead use Frequently
3. Very Old instead use Ancient
4. Very Old Fashioned instead use Archaic
5. Very Open instead use Transparent
6. Very Painful instead use Excruciating
7. Very Pale instead use Ashen
8. Very Perfect instead use Flawless
9. Very Poor instead use Destitute
10. Very Powerful instead use Compelling
11. Very Pretty instead use Beautiful
12. Very Quick instead use Rapid
13. Very Quiet instead use Hushed
14. Very Rainy instead use Pouring
15. Very Rich instead use Wealthy
16. Very Sad instead use Sorrow
17. Very Scared instead use Petrified
18. Very Scary instead use Frightened
19. Very Serious instead use Grave
20. Very Shiny instead use Gleaming
21. Very Short instead use Brief

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