IELTS test is meant for intelligent personality and active mind. Many a time IELTS candidate scores less due to lack of experience in filling the IELTS listening answer sheet. Filling incorrect answers in spite of correct answers disappoints IELTS candidate. This article will elaborate on how to fill IELTS answers in the answer sheet. This will explain rules of filling the IELTS answer sheet and how you can utilize your 10 minutes to transfer your answers to your answer sheet.

Step 1: Before you start your listening exam, you need to shade your Centre Number, write Full Name in capital letters, shading test date having a day, month, and year. Make sure you fill it correctly using a pencil as you are NOT allowed to use pens in the answer sheets.

Step 2: While answering your listening question in the question paper provided to you, make sure that you write every spelling in capital letters. This is because sometimes the writing is so confusing that the examiner/computer is not able to understand what is written. But in case of capital letters, the letter remains universal and thus creates no confusion.

Step 3: Once you have answered all your questions in the question paper, there will be a time of 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. Here is a caveat, if you miss your sequence of answering you may answer A for question 10 instead of answer B which was for question 9. Hence, after carefully inspecting the answer and the question you must write the answer on your answer sheet. Also make sure that the spellings are written in CAPITAL letters, which is important to avoid mistake and yes capital letter are ALLOWED in the IELTS listening exam. But for reading and writing this is not the case and you must write your answers as per the scenario.

Step 4: Do NOT write anything in the marker initials section, band score and listening total section as this part is only for examiner purpose.

Step 5: Once you are done with answering in your answer sheet, you need to cross-verify that the answer and the sequence match the correct sequence and answer.

To conclude, 10 minutes is sufficient time to transfer your answers, however, you must not be lazy in transferring your answer. You must also make sure that you take care of the above points to make sure that you fill your answers meticulously.

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