In writing task 2, you will be asked to write an essay of a minimum of 250 words. You will be given a task and you have to analyze what is the task and how to give your opinion, discuss a problem or issue. A candidate might be asked to elaborate on problems or solutions, evaluate a problem, compare and contrast different ideas or challenge an idea. In this post, I will be focusing on how to write a positive/negative essay.

Read the task question thoroughly

An IELTS writing task 2 is based on your initial analysis and planning. If you analyze your task question correctly, you will be able to plan your ideas and convert them into your essay writing. Firstly, you need to understand if the task question has ‘and’/’or’ in the question. For instance, look at the below task 2 question.

Some people think that it is good to be ambitious. How important it is to be ambitious? Is it positive or negative to have such characteristics?

Read the question thrice before attempting to plan or write your essay. Here, if you have understood this question correctly, you will be able to analyze the following from task 2 question

  1. “How important is to be ambitious”. After the introduction paragraph, you should write about how important or not important it is to be ambitious.
  2. Is it positive or negative to have such a trait(characteristic)? Remember, there is a ‘or’ in the question, which means that either your essay will say that it is completely positive or completely negative to have the characteristic.

But remember you need to discuss positive or negative facts and then give your opinion. IELTS essay is all about discussion and you have to present your ideas well in the essay. You can decide if you want to discuss only positive, only negative or you want both views in your essay.

Plan your ideas

After analysis, write down all the positive facts (if you think it is positive) or negative facts (if you think it is negative) about being ambitious. For example:

Positive Facts

  1. Being ambitious motivates us to do new things in our life.
  2. Being ambitious helps to achieve goals in our life.
  3. Being ambitious eradicates negativity and helps to fulfill our desires.

Negative Facts

  1. Being ambitious makes one overconfident and stubborn.
  2. Being ambitious stimulates aggression.
  3. Being ambitious does not motivate a person to be calm in life.

Here, I have taken three positive and negative facts for being ambitious. Apart from the introduction and conclusion paragraphs, I will convert these facts in my essay. I will first cover all three facts(either positive or negative) in my body paragraphs.

Structure of your essay

To read more about structuring your essay check this link.

Sample answer for task 2 writing essay

Some people think that it is good to be ambitious. How important it is it to be ambitious? Is it positive or negative to have such characteristics?

Mankind has been progressing due to its unlimited ambitions for its progress. It is important to be ambitious as it paves the way to success and achievements in life. It is believed that it is a positive trait and can intensify the process of progression. However, sometimes being over-ambitious in life can create problems.

The motivation for success comes from ambition. Being ambitious brings enthusiasm and vigor to achieve short and long terms goals. For instance, Steve Jobs founder of Apple corporation was so ambitious that he made Apple a renowned company. If one is not motivated, the progress of growth deteriorates drastically.

People tend to become pessimistic if they are not ambitious. If there is no ambition in life, an individual will face a state of despondency and will remain in the pattern of conflict and fear. Sometimes, although people have good skills, they are not able to use them properly due to a lack of ambition in their life.

But, being over-ambitious in life could create many problems. Sometimes, one can become overconfident and stubborn due to over ambitiousness. It can also stimulate aggression when the desired goals are not met. Also, it does not motivate a person to be calm in life.

In conclusion, being ambitious is a good trait. However, if someone is over-ambitious it will result in negativity and sorrow when desires are not fulfilled. Sometimes, people tend to think that the person is overconfident and tries to dominate those people who do not have the same level of ambition.

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