I am a software engineer by profession and love to learn new things. I have a huge hunger of knowledge and always find myself happy to read a new book or blog. Anyone can email me on author@dreamielts.com or dreamielts2018@gmail.com.

Why this blog?

I started dreamielts.com, to help people who are struggling to get all the answers of their IELTS queries. There are various articles and training institutes, but most of us are unaware of basic information required to get a good IELTS band score. I am happy that I am able to provide the in depth knowledge of IELTS writing, reading, speaking and listening modules.

How this blog helps?

This blog helps IELTS students to learn tips and tricks which are to be used in IELTS exam. Learn each article day by day and see the difference yourself. Apart from this, you must practice hard and test yourself by attempting mock tests.

Education and Interests

I did my masters in 2008. Being a tech savvy person, I love to read science books, novels and IELTS content.

Any Queries?

If you have any query related to IELTS or my content on this blog, then please contact me on my email author@dreamielts.com.

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